Older work, but still fresh


Lead visual design, Campaign, E-commerce

G-star is a famous dutch fashion brand with stores all over the globe.  As a strong above the line brand they were still on the brake of discovering the digital world. I was asked to create visual designs for their online shop. I created multiple versions where they could choose for a more traditional route or a more engaging one. They ended up choosing both, starting with the traditional one and following with the more innovative route in the next year.

G-Star introduces Gemma Arterton and Vincent Gallo

Canon 400D

Lead Visual design, Campaign

After freelancing with Media Catalyst as a junior designer for some years they asked me to be on their design team after they won the pitch for Canon. I was assigned to visualise the 400D campaign from start to finish. This was a very innovative idea, making a 3d world of photographs you could navigate through. The user could discover the features of the camera through hotspots in the scenes. It was a very successful campaign for Canon but also for Media Catalyst/Look as they won several awards with this project.


FWA site of the day, Webdesigner site of the Month, Webbypeople’s voice award, Spin awards nomation
and the silver statuette of the W3 Awards

Bekijk site

Agency-Media Catalyst
Creative director-David Warner
Flash guru- Vincent Rebers
Year: 2011


Visual lead design, Pitch , Website

Superhero Cheesecake is an award-winning creative digital production studio from Amsterdam. They wanted me to design the pitch for McGregor. A design were you could easily walk through the Lookbook, where all items are linked to the shop. The user journey has been made very easy to filter your choices and gives a good overview and inspiration where needed.

Agency-Superhero Cheesecake
Creative director-Niels van Esch
Year: 2014

Philips annual report

Visual lead design, Mobile, Website

 It was a honour being asked to design the Philips Annual report. This template creates a lot of possibilities to show video content, articles and data visualisation. On the homepage you can scroll through a lot of different subjects which gives the user insights of what Philips has achieved in the last year. I was part of the concept design phase of this project until my pregnancy leave.

Agency-Philips Design
Creative lead- Pepe Vargas
Year: 2015


 Visual lead design,  Art direction, Website

The aim of this campaign was to push your limits and achieve your personal goals on a mental and a physical level. After sharing your goal, a mental and a physical coach are there to support you by sending you messages and keeping score of your achievements. It was a lot of fun creating this ice cold environment with all the buttons and screens covered with snow and ice. I did all the artwork myself and we made video footage of the coaches featured in the site.

Creative director-Alexander snoek
Flash guru- Rene Klinkhamer


Lead Visual design, Website, Mobile is an ongoing project, a lot was already created, but there was still a lot to do. I’ve helped out on creating pixel perfect templates to make the site responsive and worked on some campaigns which were featured on the site.

Agency-Strawberry frog
Creative director-Anika Ourishi
Year: 2014


Lead Visual design, Campaign, Website

Working at Qi-ideas was always fun. Heineken and Amstel were their biggest clients, so Nivea was a new direction. They preferred a female designer to get the style they needed. Soft en easy on the eye, but still triggering enough to join the campaign.

Agency-Qi Ideas
Creative lead- Rik van der Eng

Martini Bar

Lead Visual design, Website

After founding NANDAIO together with Michael Dommershuyzen, one of our clients was Martini Bar. They opened a bar in Rotterdam and asked for a website with their menu, gallery and more info about the club. On the homepage a 3d interactive carroussel featured pictures of the club, parties, and cocktails giving you entry to the rest of the site.

Agency-Watson and Lewis
Creative director-Michael Dommershuijzen and me
Flash guru- Marc van Rees