Philips Skin improvement project

Website, Assessment software, App

Getting to know your skin

Visual design


¬†Philips asked me to be on their team as the lead visual designer for approximately 1 year. The goal was to help people to get to know their skin, it’s challenges and help them improve their skin. Costumers in the shop could do a skin assessment. With the results of the assessment and through measuring the skin with special devices, the conditions of the skin could be tested. For instance their hydration, radiance, pigmentation, pores and firmness. The result is a detailed skin report they can also view on the website and a daily routine they can follow with an app to improve the conditions of their skin.
The invitation

The assessment
The results and routine

Agency-Philips Design
Creative director-Cecilia Brenner
UX Design- Marieke Verspaandonck
Year: 2015